Dingo Den Donation (Not for Profit)
Dingo Den Donation (Not for Profit)
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πŸ’› Lend a helping hand to dingoes in need πŸ’›

During this difficult time, Dingo Den has been challenged with the task to secure donations of raw food for the dingoes in our care. Their rescue dingoes eat approximately 38kg of just muscle meat per week. πŸ₯©

To ensure we can help keep all of those hungry tummies full, we are asking for your support. Below are dingo friendly foods that can be whole, muscle meat/mince or meaty bones:
β€’ Red meat - Deer, Goat, Lean Beef, Kangaroo, Rabbit
β€’ Poultry
β€’ Fish (tinned in springwater or fresh) - Sardines, Salmon, Mackerel
β€’ Freezer Burned Meat
β€’ Organs - brain, kidney, liver, spleen, pancreas

Please head over to www.dingoden.net/donate-goods to find our how you can help!

If you request a goods receipt for any food donations, one will be provided for tax purposes, no matter how large or small!!
Every little bit helps! 🐾πŸ₯©πŸ¦΄


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