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CK Raw can be contacted via our Facebook Page, or emailing us Info@ckraw.com


We are CK Raw, we began making our products when we were stuck at a crossroad of feeding our two dogs, Cage & Krados (CK in CK Raw). 

We had been buying a brand of pet food in cans for prices that seem to always be changing. We found that we were always getting one of two things, one being sloppy, wet gravy with chunks of "Meat" that we had no idea what it was made of. Or the second option was a hard meatloaf, with traces of vegetables, if you were lucky you could identify one or two vegetables.

We began to take the time and research into raw diets, the different types of raw feed, and the benefits. We did a lot of research into what would be involved in buying raw feed, versus making our own. Since we had the room, and the time to make it, we decided into making our own.

We sourced a supplier, and additives we could include in our meals for our boys. We decided on a few different vegetables, and sourced some organs to also include. We wanted to add some final touches, as it didn't feel complete.

And we had it, Natural Animal Solutions Omega Oil. It was an easy choice into adding it through our product range. We began making our meals for our boys, and not long after, it was obvious how much it had improved both of our boys coats, giving them a shine, more even coat!

Quickly we had realised how easy it was, and how many people we knew that could benefit their pups with the same foods, and how much better we felt our range was compared to shelf pet foods. So we decided on the name CK Raw, began making different packages, different meats, adding them into containers, started out Facebook page and Website, and began selling!

And here we are today!
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