Loyalty Points

At CK Raw, we believe in small give backs for our customers who regularly purchase our products. We call them loyal customers! Loyal customers deserve small give backs from time to time, which is why we integrated Loyalty Reward Points System which can be used for discounts, free gifts, or free shipping!

How to get these rewards?
Simply make an account with CK Raw, which can be done by clicking the little yellow icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, as seen below
Once an account has been created, you are set to earn points!

Ways to earn points

Earning points is simple!
- Signing up gets you 50 points instantly!
- Every $1 spent on a purchase, is 10 points
- Like us on Facebook receives 30 points
- Follow us on Instagram for 100 points
- Sharing our products receives 50 points
- Celebrate your birthday, with 200 points

Once your target is reached, you will receive an email to notify you and give you a selected code to enter through your account!
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