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 Our bulk package includes a variety of products to make that weekly selection a little easier to decide. We have crafted together weekly, fortnightly and monthly packages to easily select and purchase, to save you even more time browsing and deciding on the meal plans.

Chicken Package:

Weekly - 2x Essentials, 2x Meaty's, 3x Premiums

Fortnightly - 4x Essentials, 4x Meaty's, 6x Premiums

Monthly - 8x Essentials, 8x Meaty's, 12x Premiums


Beef Includes

Weekly - 2x Cattleman's, 2x Ox's, 3x The Rodeo's

Fortnightly - 4x Cattleman's, 4x Ox's, 6x Rodeo's

Monthly - 8x Cattleman's, 8x Ox's, 12x Rodeo's


Kangaroo Includes

Weekly - 2x Healthy Roo's, 2x Buff Roo's, 3x Rippa Roo's

Fortnightly - 4x Healthy Roo's, 4x Buff Roo's, 6x Rippa Roo's

Monthly - 8x Healthy Roo's, 8x Buff Roo's, 12x Rippa Roo's


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